2002 Spring Production


Absurd Person Singular play is set over three Christmases in the kitchens of three couples: Sidney Hopcroft, an ambitious tradesman, and his submissive wife Jane; architect and adulterer Geoffrey Jackson and his depressed wife, Eva; Ronald Brewster-Wright, a banker, and his alcoholic wife Marion. The three couples range from working to upper class.

‘Last’ Christmas is set at Sidney’s house, who hopes to persuade the others to invest in his business – although both Geoffrey and Ronald are obviously dismissive of the man and dislike him. It also becomes obvious that Geoffrey and Eva’s marriage is on the rocks. Unseen in the lounge, Dick and Lottie Potter hold sway with their raucous jokes, forcing the others to seek refuge in the kitchen. By the end of the act Jane has been locked out of the kitchen in the pouring rain only able to return when the party, declared a success by Sidney, is over.

‘This’ Christmas is spent at Geoffrey and Eva’s flat. Geoffrey’s fortunes have fallen and Eva spends most of the act attempting to commit suicide in ever more desperate, domestic ways. Jane mistakes her attempts to gas herself for cleaning and takes over scrubbing the oven; the tablets Eva loses down the sink leads Sidney to offer to help with the plumbing – getting soaked as result; when Eva tries to hang herself, Ronald thinks she’s trying to change the light-bulb and takes over - electrocuting himself in the process. Things go from bad to worse

‘Next’ Christmas is at Ronald and Marion’s house, where Marion tends to lock herself in her bedroom to be comforted by alcohol, leaving Ronald bewildered and lost in his own home. Sidney and Jane turn up uninvited and Sydney dishes out wildly inappropriate Christmas presents and with the fortunes of all couples now completely reversed, Sidney finally gets his wish for party games and makes everyone dance – literally - to his tune.

Cast List

CharacterCast Member
Sidney Taff Wollaston
Jane Philippa Sargent
Ronald Peter Carter
Marion Janice Steedman
Geoffrey Nick McNally
Eva Carol Manwaring
Lottie Tracy Tomlin
Dick Andy Walton


RoleCrew MemberRoleCrew Member
Director Jenni Coupe Technical Director Gareth Rees
Producer Glenn Tinsley Technical Assistants Caroline Teed
Set Design & Build Robbie Robertson Kathryn Basford
Stage Manager Robbie Robertson Wardrobe Mary Pegden
Assistant Stage Manager John Staines Sue Williams
Stage Crew Connor Hughes Box Office Janice Steedman
Seamus McManus Prompt Jenni Coupe
Properties Helen Tallack Make-Up Sarah Pell
Andy Walton Front of House Don Kenning

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