2001 Pantomime


Arabian family fun with all the usaly characters - Aladdin, Widow Twanky, Princess Yasmin and the evil, scheming Abanazar.

Cast List

CharacterCast Member
Aladdin Carol Manwaring
Princess Yasmin Kathryn Basford
Abanazar Martin Lawson
Widow Twanky Sandra Doughty
Chip Chop Rick Collins
Abdul Paddy Edgar
Mustapha Nick MnNally
Sultan Dick Masters
Sultana Philippa Sargent
Lord Chamberlain Derek Perrin
Royal Maid Jade Irvine
Royal Maid Caroline Teed
Royal Maid Tracy Tomlin
Slave of the Ring Anne Bennett
Slave of the Lamp Glenn Tinsley


Danilee McCarthy, Ella Wilson-Storey, Julie Perrin, Lauren Perrin, Katie Perrin, Claire Large


RoleCrew MemberRoleCrew Member
Director Jenni Coupe Stage Crew Robbie Robertson
Producer Glenn Tinsley Dools Dooley
Choreography Nicky Shaw Andy Walton
Jenni Coupe Thomo Thomas
Musical Director Mairi MacCorquodale Lighting Jim Webber
Script Adaption Taff Wollaston Lighting Assistants Sara Potter
Stage Manager Robbie Robertson Bev Higson
Artistic Design Pete Towell Make-Up & Hair Sarah Pell
Properties Helen Tallack Jane Basson
Piano Mairi MacCorquodale Diane Harland
Drums Roger Hollis Liz Swan
Flute Eric Edwards Wardrobe Sue Williams
Clarinet Claire Wade Mary Pegden
Violin Richard Stecko Prompt Taff Wollaston
Saxaphone Elizabeth Whiting Sound Andy Grimes
Saxaphone Kim Mehta Wendy Frame
Saxaphone Eric Edwards Box Office Janice Steedman
Base Guitar Johnathan Stampner Marian Muir
Front of House Don Kenning Carole Kellie

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