2005 Pantomime


All the traditional elements are intact in this pantomime which is set just after the English Civil War, when the Puritan Witchfinder General is trying to stamp out Christmas jollifications and meeting spirited opposition.

Cast List

CharacterCast Member
Witchfinder GeneralTom Mills
Dame DumplingsChris Bone
Peter PennyAdrian Wheal
Emma SweetlyJo Bone
Uttley StupidCaroline Rees
Bjorn StupidCraig McNeill
Justice StupidAndy Walton
SmallpieceJim Wringe
Sydney SlingbackColin Salt
Neville MountjoyTaff Wollaston
Sir Daniel DashGareth Rees
Crone 1Kathryn Basford
Crone 2Tracy Tomlin
Crone 3Janice Steedman
Tree 1Jeremy Balcombe
Tree 2Jay McInnes
Bottom the BearJim Webber


Philippa Wray, Natasha Wray, Maisie-Anne Jeannevol, Dominique Jeannevol, Laura Greest, Sierra Cline, Demi Mitchell, Nichola Adamson, Gill Adamson, Oakley Evans, Harry Fielder, Victoria Smith, Dean Safhill, Hannah Stanbury, Charlotte Campbell


RoleCrew MemberRoleCrew Member
Director / ChoreographyJenni CoupePropertiesHelen Tallack
Musical DirectorLyndon FordWardrobeMary Pegden
Producer / Tech ManagerGareth ReesSue Williams
Writer / Production AssistantTaff WollastonMake-UpSarah Pell
Set Construction ManagerDerek PerrinJane Basson
Set ConstructionJim ConnollyStage ManagerRobbie Robinson
Perry EvansStage CrewJimmy Connolly
Set ArtistsNicola MuirDerek Perrin
Jo BonePerry Evans
Dallas ClineFront of HouseDon Kenning
Eleanor ReesAdvertisingJulie Cline
Tech CrewJames KnellerTicket SalesChris Notley
Richard SuttonRos Ross
Andy BeverleyTaff Wollaston

Musical Numbers

Song TitleBy / FromSung by...
1The Holy Fight???Chorus
2Silent NightChristmas ClassicChorus Solo
3Santa Claus is Coming to TownJackson FiveDame Dumplings & Chorus
4Gotta Burn a Witch or Two(aka: Gotta Pick a Pocket or two>
from Oliver
Witchfinder General
5Walking Round in Women's Underwear(aka: Walking in a Winter Wonderland) the Christmas ClassicSydney and Neville
6It's Raining Menby The WeathergirlsSyndey and Neville
7'A' You're Adorableby Perry ComoUttley, Bjorn, Justice and Chorus
8All for the Bestfrom GospellChorus
9Hard Knock Lifefrom AnnieChorus
10A Witches Lot is not a Happy One(aka: A Policeman's Lot is Not a Happy One)
by Gilbert & Sullivan
The Three Crones
11Amerilloby Tony ChristiePeter Penny & Chorus
12Topsey Turveyfrom Hunchback of Notre DameChorus
13ReachBy S Club 7Chorus

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