2011 Pantomime


Cinderella lives with her father, Baron Hardup whom she loves dearly, but they are both very poor. In desperation, the Baron marries into money, but his new wife is mean and pwers hungry. Together with her two daughters, she makes Cinderella's life a misery, treating like a servant.

Meanwhile, Prince Charming is about to hold a ball, but his mind is elsewhere. While pretending to be his own valet, Dandini, he meets a girl in the forest, with whom he falls in love. No matter, the ball must commence and he must choose a suitor. Little does he realise, but he is bedazzled by another young lady, a princess from afar.

Whill the prince discover who the mystery lady is. And will Cinderella get to the ball?

Cast List

CharacterCast Member
CinderellaJade Longhurst
ButtonsBradley Page
Prince CharmingJackie Jack
DandiniJo Bone
Baron HarduppRalph Dinnick
Grizelda HarduppKaren Barnes
Piranha HarduppJim Wringe
Guzzunder HarduppSimon Barnes
Mr SlappDean Saffhill
Mr TickleRandy Vince
Fairy GodmotherJanice Steedman
Major DomoStuart Thorns
FootmanPerry Page


Bethany Collins, Sue Green, Rosie McCarthy, Masie Nicholas, Caroline Rees, Kathryn Salt, Tracy Tomlin, Cynthia Caborn, Becky Taylorson, Martyn Webb


RoleCrew MemberRoleCrew Member
DirectorJenni CoupeMusical DirectorDave Berry
Production TeamJenni CoupeMusiciansGuitar -John Legge
Adam ThomasPercussion - Dave Berry
Penny ThackrayKeyboard - Robin Peddell
ChoreographyJenni CoupeBass Guitar - Harley Elkins
Kathryn SaltStage & Tech CrewPeter Thorns
Jade LonghurstRob Jones
WardrobeSue WilliamsColin Salt
Make-upJennie CollinsET Peters
Chris PageET Patterson
Nicky ThornsET Kuriuci
Sound?ET Pugh
?ET Shepheard
Colin SaltET Vince
PropertiesKathryn HarrisonLighting DesignSteve Brown
Rosie MaCarthyLightsGareth Rees
Set Design & ConstructionRalph DinnockColin Salt (Rehearsals)
Set ArtworkColin SaltTicket SalesSharon Lynam
Janice SteedmanChris Notley
Set Painting & ConstructionCast & CrewBar ServicesDawn Moreland
AdvertisingAdam ThomasPaul Green
Colin SaltScript WriterDoug Craig
Script AdaptationsTaff Wollaston

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