2006 Spring Production


Written by Sultan's very own Taff Wollaston, this play tells the story of Aurthur Scrimmins who passes away and witnesses what ahppens between the relationship of those he leaves behind. Accompnaied by Simon, an agel in training, he watches on helpless as tempers fray, emotions rise and lessons are learned.

Cast List

CharacterCast Member
Arthur Scrimmins Peter Carter
Angela Scrimmins Kathryn Basford
Simon Jim Wringe
Sandra Baxton Caroline Rees
Steve Baxton Colin Salt
Martine Finch Tracy Tomlin
Sarah Jay McInnes
Robert Jeremy Balcome


RoleCrew MemberRoleCrew Member
Writer / Director Taff Wollaston WardrobeMary pegden
Producer / Tech Manager Gareth Rees Sue Williams
Set Construction Manager Derek PerrinMake-Up Sarah Pell
Set Construction Gareth Rees Stage Manager Gareth Rees
James Kneller Front of House Don Kenning
Taff Wollaston Advertising Gareth Rees
Properties / Set Dressing Helen Tallack Taff Wollaston
Andy Walton Robbie Robertson
Technical Crew Gareth Rees Ticket Sales Chris Notley
Jim Webber Ros Ross
Lyndon Ford Taff Wollaston

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