2011 Spring Show


Set in Brighton's Hove, Dr Arthur Wicksteed's life is getting complicated. He wants to have an affair with the young woman who has just appeared at his surgery. Meanwhile his wife is keen to rekindle her relationship with an old flame who happens to be in town for the British Medical Association conference.

Arthur's hypochondriac son Dennis has also met an alluring young woman and she wants to get married right away to make her an "honest woman" while Connie, Arthur's flat-chested sister has decided to order some breast enhancements which come complete with a man to install them!

To add to the complexity Arthur counsels the local clergyman who is frustrated with his 10-year engagement to Connie and one of Arthur's patients is on the phone determined to commit suicide.The Wicksteed's housekeeper, Mrs Swabb keeps the audience in the loop as strangers and locals come in and out of the surgery and Dr Wicksteed's life starts to slowly fall apart.

Cast List

CharacterCast Member
Dr Arthur WicksteedColin Salt
Muriel WicksteedJanice Steedman
Connie WicksteedTracy Tomlin
Dennis WicksteedDean Safhill
Cannon ThrobbingRandy Vince
Sir Percy ShorterRalph Dinnick
Lady Deliah RumpersKathryn Salt
Felicity RumpersCaz Rees
Mr ShanksJim Wringe
Mrs SwabbSue Green
Mr PurdueMartyn Webb


RoleCrew MemberRoleCrew Member
DirectorJenni CoupeTicket SalesKatie Mills
Stage ManagerGareth ReesAngela Armour
Prompt:Julie SaffhillAdvertisingAdam Thomas
WardrobeSue WilliamsColin Salt
Make-up and WigsJennie CollinsJennie Collins
Chris PageChris Page
Light and SoundDave BerryAshley Owen
PropertiesKathryn HarrisonMark Douglas
Rosina McCarthyBar ServicesDawn Moreland
Robbie RobertsonPaul Green
Set DesignSteve FrewerSet Construction and PaintingSteve Frewer
Gareth ReesGareth Rees
Ralph DinnickMark Collins
Set ArtworkColin SaltEleanor Rees
Janice SteedmanJulie Saffhill
Production TeamAngela ArmourJenni Coupe
Adam ThomasAdam Thomas
Jenni CoupeThe Cast

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