2015 Spring Show


Set in the late 70s, this comic tale of mistaken identity unfolds with real wit and style. A Portuguese time share villa has been double booked without the company representative, myopic tippler Commander "Chitto" Chittenden knowing. When Mary and Henry arrive shortly after Eve and Leslie, Chitto manages to remain unaware that there is more than one couple on the scene. The confusion is compounded when each couple mistakes the other for the servants. Henry seems to have the upper hand when he discovers that Eve is married, but not to Leslie, when his mother in law arrives and he has to bribe the other couple to impersonate his alibi, Sir Piers and Lady Marchbanks. Girlfriend Mary has to play the servant, much to her annoyance, but it looks as though things might work out until the real Sir Piers arrives followed by Henry's wife!

Written by John Chapman (Whitehall Farce writer of Dry Rot and television sit-coms Blandings Castle and Fresh Fields which won him an Emmy Award in 1984); and Michael Pertwee (A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum and episodes of The Saint).

Cast List

CharacterCast Member
Commander ChittendenAndrew Hiscutt
LeslieColin Salt
EveSonja Maughan
HenryRandy Vince
MarySue Green
Celia PartridgeJanice Steedman
PerkyDerrick Harwood
Catherine (Kit)Tracy Tomlin


RoleCrew MemberRoleCrew Member
Director Jenni Coupe Technical Ralph Dinnick
ProducerDarren (Jimmy) James Stage & Technical Crew Stuart Thorns
Pete Cheese Jo Wells
Wardrobe Sue Williams Ronnie McKie
Nicki Thorns Jenna Kelway
Make-upJo Wells Monica Dinnick
Lighting & Sound Stuart Thorns Ticket Sales Debbie Mead
Randy Vince Bar Services PO Michael Kitchen
Properties Cast & Crew Set Design Ralph Dinnick
Set Construction Adrian Plumridge Adervtising Pete Cheese
Martyn Webb Colin Salt
Refreshments SULTAN Wives Club Prompt Jackie Jack

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