2015 Pantomime


The lonely princess Davina mysteriously disappears one morning while out for her walk in the palace garden and the queen offers half her Kingdom and her hand in marriage for her safe return. We meet the widow Sprat and her two sons Jack and Billy who are always financially strapped and their land lady the Baroness has delivered an ultimatum that if they can't pay the increase in rent she will throw them out of their house.

In desperation they agree that the only solution is to sell their cow Daisy, so jack takes her to market to sell her. On his way he meets the good fairy Sugar Plum who gives him a bag of gold but the wicked witch Grimada changes the gold into beans.

Widow Sprat gets very upset when Jack returns and throws the beans into the garden and overnight this grows into a giant Beanstalk reaching up to the clouds. Seeking their fortune the Sprats climb the Beanstalk and there we encounter the witch Grimada 's employer a giant with a difference. Once there all sorts of things happen, will they succeed? Let's wait and see!

Cast List

CharacterCast Member
Lord Chamberlain Derrick Harwood
Princess Davina Rachael Pickard
The Giant Randy Vince
Grimada Carol Manwaring
Sugar Plum Jay House
Widow Spratt Ralph Dinnick
Queen Sofia Jo Wells
Billy Spratt Stuart Thorns
Mr McGregor Gary Cotton
Jack Spratt Jackie Jack
Baroness Ronnie McKie
CharleneTracy Tomlin
ChelseaSue Green
Daisy the Cow Mya Ling
Daisy the Cow Janice Steedman
The GooseIan 'Buck' Taylor


Monica Dinnick, Tracy Boad, Gary Cotton, Mya Ling, Lesley Liggett, Ian 'Buck'Taylor


RoleCrew MemberRoleCrew Member
Director Janice Steedman Stage Managers Nathan Ward
Producer Pete Cheese Eleanor Rees
Choreography Jenni Coupe Musicians John Legge
Jackie Jack Jonathan Upfold
Tracy Tomlin Malcolm 'Nobby' Glover
Wardrobe Sue William Luke 'Grizzly' Thomas
Nicki Thorns Stage & Technical Jenni Coupe
Make-up Jo Wells Jo Blossom
Janice Steedman Ticket Sales Debbie Mead
Lighting & SoundWO Leo Brittan Bar Services PO Michael Kitchen
ET Ben Platts Script Writers Taff Woolaston
Properties Cast & Crew Ron Misselbrook
Gary Cotton Advertising Pete Cheese
Set Design & Construction Adrian Plumridge Colin Salt
Ralph Dinnick Artwork Janice Steedman
Refreshments SULTAN Wives Club

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