2014 Spring Show


In this gleefully gruesome musical Seymour, a poor florist's assistant, allows his craving for fame and fortune to seduce him into playing nursemaid to a man-eating plant. 'Goings-on' surrounding the growing plant's demand for more, more and MORE are accompanied by witty parodies of sixties music. Between bites, the carnivorous Audrey II, named after Seymour's secret love, brings dark comdedic entertainment by singing rhythm and blues!

Cast List

CharacterCast Member
Seymour KrelbornBradley Page
AudreyChrissy Coard
Mr MushnikNathan Collins
Orin ScrivelloIan McCarthy
Voice of Audrey II (The Plant)Colin Salt
CustomerMark Collins
BernsteinDerrick Harwood
Mrs LuceJackie Jack
Skip SnipJay House
Patrick MartinWill Gilder


Stuart Thorns, Sue Green, Rachael Pickard, Tracy Tomlin, Jennie Collins, Jo Wells, Janice Steedman, Ronnie McKie, Christine Green, Bethany Collins, Eleanor Rees, April Hassett, Nathan Ward


RoleCrew MemberRoleCrew Member
Director Jenni Coupe Stage Manager Ralph Dinnick
Producer Lt Jimmy James Puppeteers Joanna Blossom
Choreography Jenni Coupe Randy Vince
Wardrobe Sue Williams Stage & Tech Crew Stuart Chadwick
Nicky Thorns Dean Pate
Dawn Moreland Randy Vince
Make-up Jennie Collins & Cast Joanna Blossom
Light and Sound Sam Balmond Bar Services Martin Camm
Graham Smith Advertising Colin Salt
Andy Stancliffe Martin Cam
Properties Cast & Crew Artwork Janice Steedman
Set Design & Construction Joe Walton Joanna Blossom
Adrian Plumridge Prompt Monica Dinnick
Ticket Sales Debbie Mead Refreshements SULTAN Wives Club

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