2004 Spring Production


The girls of St. Godley’s School are in trouble! Money for the school has run out and the place will have to close. Leave it to these resourceful girls, and their unflappable headmistress (played by a man in drag), to come up with a plan to keep the school afloat. Using whatever they can find at hand, the girls mount an original production: a musical version of Moby Dick, featuring their headmistress in the coveted role of Captain Ahab.

Cast List

CharacterCast Member
Ahab / Head Taff Wollaston
Ishmael Colin Salt
Pip Kathryn Basford
Queequeg Caroline Teed
Gardiner / Moby's Voice / Janitor / Coffin Peter Carter
Starbuck / Mapple Peter Hanbury
Esta / Nurse Jenni Coupe
Elijah / Shrunken Head Andy Walton
Stubb / Shrunken Head Katie Perrin
Tashtego Julie Perrin
Flask / Pierre / Shrunken Head Tom Connolly

Backing Singers and Chorus

Jude Grieg, Katie Perrin, Terri Crawley, Laura Oakley


RoleCrew MemberRoleCrew Member
Director Jenni Coupe Technical Director Gareth Rees
Producer Paul Hanbury Technical Assistant Andy Oakley
Musical Director Lyndon Ford Stage Manager Derek Perrin
Keyboard Lyndon Ford Assistant Stage Manager Jason Swift
Drums Jason Phelps Stage Crew Darren Miller
Clarinet Alex Goddard Tony Bray
Choreography Jenni Coupe David Barker
Wardrobe Mary Pegden Set Design Gareth Rees
Sue Williams Derek Perrin
Hair and Make-Up Sarah Pell Jason Swift
Rachael Salt Alex Goddard
Martine O'Keefe Jim Ellis
Front of House Gary Lewis Set Construction Derek Perrin
Trev Roland Jason Swift
Nicky Kenning Dave Harris
Publicity Clive Trenton Lighting Jim Webber
Set Artist Martine O'Keefe SoundMatt Henry
Artist AssistantLauren Perrin Properties Helen Tallack

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