2008 Spring Show


A play within a play, in this case a comedy titled "Nothing On" the type of play in which young girls run about in their underwear, old men drop their trousers, and many doors continually open and shut.

Act One is set at the dress rehearsal, the night before opening, with the cast still fumbling with entrances and exits, missed cues, misspoken lines, and bothersome props, most notably several plates of sardines.

Act Two portrays a Wednesday matinee performance one month later. In this act, the play is seen from backstage, providing a view that reveals the deteriorating personal relationships among the cast that have led to offstage shenanigans and onstage bedlam. Also, there appears to be no true resolution. The play simply falls into turmoil and disorder before the curtain is pulled.

In Act Three, we see a performance (front of stage again) near the end of the ten-week run, when personal friction has continued to increase and everyone is bored and anxious to be done with the play. The actors attempt to cover up a series of mishaps but only compound the problems and draw attention to the bungling performance.

Cast List

CharacterCast Member
Lloyd DallasColin Salt
Dotty OttleyRonnie McKie
Gary LejeuneJames Clarke
Frederick FellowsTom Young
Belinda BlairCaroline Rees
Poppy Norton-TaylorTracy Tomlin
Selsdon MowbrayRalph Dinnick
Timothy AllgoodJim Webber
Brooke AshtonJo Tinling


RoleCrew MemberRoleCrew Member
DirectorJenni CoupeSet ConstructionTom Dorman
Stage ManagerSteve FrewerWes Mawford
Tech AdvisorJohn FrewerMac McAllister
Stage CrewAlex RichardsAimee Reed
Mark CollinsElinor Rees
Rosie McCarthyRandy Vince
Rachel McDonnellTaff Wollaston
Sound & LightsFreddy MounseyCast and Crew
Lighting DesignJim WebberBar ServicesChris Campion
WardrobeSue WilliamsDawn Moreland
Make-UpJennie CollinsTony Pallet
Set DesignGareth ReesAdvertisingChris Campion
Steve FrewerBethany Collins
Front of HouseMac McAllisterJennie Collins
Poster DesignNigel MorrisMark Collins
Ticket SalesChris NotleyChristine Gallacher
Mark CollinsBradley Page
PropertiesKathryn HarrisonPerry Page

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