2000 One Act Play


Adapted from a French fable, this play comically relates the story of a young prince who was given more than just blue blood at brth, while the spirits of good and evil battle for supremecy once more! This story is told by a troop of travelling players, with multiple charcters being played per actor, whose endevours to change roles and costumes in time add to the general chaos that befits the prince.

Cast List

CharacterCast Member
Narrator Liz Barlow
Courtier, French Tutor, Villager Kathryn Basford
Courtier Jo Bone
Prince Julian Highnam
Queen, Classical Studies Tutor Carol Manwaring
Nurse, Johnny's Mother, Washerwoman, Nosy Villager Gareth Rees
Courtier, Stall Holder, Wise Old Lady, Princess Kim Sheedy
Courtier, Maths Tutor, Washerwoman Janice Steedman
Evil Spirit Tracy Tomlin
King, Johnny, History Tutor, Politician Pete Towell
Good Spirit Taff Wollaston


RoleCrew MemberRoleCrew Member
Director Jenni Coupe Stage Manager Caroline Strutt
Assistant Director Gareth Rees Properties Helen Tallack
Set Design & Construction Robbie Robertson Lights Jim Webber
Make-Up & Wigs Sarah Pell Wardrobe Sue Williams
Script Adapation Taff Wollaston Mary Pegden

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