2003 Spring Production


During the staging of a new 'whodunnit' play and terrible incident takes place. While the first act is underway, two actors struggle and fall behind a settee. On cue, the sound effects team produces the bang if a gun firing. However, the gun really does go off and the actor who is supposed to get shot, has been shot and is ... dead! The play is stopped and after much confusion the police and an ambulance are called. The problem is explained to the audience who are then privy to the police investigation. And boy, do some secrets come out. Each actor in the theatre company plus the stage manager hated the dead actor. Everyone had a reason to see the actor killed. The plot twists keep on coming. The real murderer is on stage but not everyone is who they seem. This extremly clever thriller is not resolved until the very last line. Remain Seated has lots of comedy and plenty of drama.

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