2012 Pantomime


Villeun the Vile is trying to take over the universe by making children unhappy. When he sets his sights on the planet Earth, he decides to kidnap Santa Clause, who is currently prisiding in the little town of Merrydale under the guise of the inventor Professor Atnas with his robot companion Roberta.

The town of Merrydale is prepearing for the Christmas season and Dame Dangles' nephew, Captain Dan Daring, is visiting for the holidays. They all find out that Profesor Atnas is in fact Santa. But, alas, the the welcome party for Santa is cut short when Villeun and his minions, Null and Void, snatch Santa and take him to the planet Vorbos.

Captain Dan brings together a team consisting of himself, Dame Dangle, Roberta and Santa's assistant, the lovely Crystal, and sets off to save the jolly gift giver. But the planet Vorbos is not a place for the faint-hearted. With a waste-land, an evil monster and Villeun himself, they are going to need nerves of steel and wits as sharp as a knife to prevail.

Cast List

CharacterCast Member
Villeun the VileSonja Maughan
MinionSue Green
Null Bethany Collins
Void Nathan Collins
Dame Dingle Tracy Tomlin
Robert the Robot Stuart Thorns
Prof. Atnas / SantaRandy Vince
DanWill Astley
StarJackie Jack
Princess valour / MonsterSarah Gowers


Karyn Galloway, Sarah Newall, Janice Steedman, Charlotte Plested, Ceryz Williams, Megan Warwick, Sarah Gowers


RoleCrew MemberRoleCrew Member
Director Ralph Dinnick Stage Manager Kathryn Harrison
Producer Andy Stancliffe Musical Director Randy Vince
Choreography Jenni Coupe Stage and Tech Crew Rob Jones
Jackie Jack Rosie McCarthy
Tracy Tomlin SEMC 101
Wardrobe Sue Williams Ticket Sales Sharon Lynam
Nicky Thorns Chris Notely
Make-up Jennie COllins Bar Services Dawn Moreland
Chris Green Paul Green
Lighting & Sound Kordian Rainczac Bradley Page
Jason Testa Script Writer Jim Wringe
Properties Kathryn McCarthy Advertising and Web Andy Standcliffe
Rosie McCarthy Colin Salt
Set Design & Construction Ralph Dinnick Artwork Janice Steedman
Adrian Plumridge Set Painting & Constructon Cast & Crew
Ballet Dance Sequence Karyn Galloway ATG Instructors

Musical Numbers

Song TitleBy / FromSung by...

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