2014 Pantomime


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Cast List

CharacterCast Member
ScroogeRandy Vince
Bob CratchitAndy Stancliffe
Lacey BloomersJohn Meenaghan
JoanieJay House
FrederickJenna Kelway
SamTracy Tomlin
EllaJackie Jack
Marley's GhostJanice Steedman
TarquinMark Collins
RodneyMatt Knight
Mr FezziwigDerrick Harwood
Young Ebenezer / PeterStuart Thorns
Dick / VicarMartyn Webb
MaySonja Maughan
2nd Party GirlApril Hassett
Ghost of Christmas PresentSue Green
Mrs CratchitRonnie McKie
MarthaCharlotte Plested
Ghost of Christmas FutureCarol Manwaring


Monica Dinnick, Sarah Newall, Kathryn Salt, Janet Mangnall, Jo Wells


RoleCrew MemberRoleCrew Member
DirectorRalph Dinnick Stage Manager Steve Frewer
Producer Darren (Jimmy) James Musicians John Legge
Choreography Jenni Coupe Steve Suter
Wardrobe Sue Williams Mitch Glover
Nicki Thorns Luke Thomas
Make-up Jennie Collins Stage & Technical Crew LET RVO Jones
Julie Williams LET Emma Harber
Lighting & Sound Ben French Ticket Sales Debbie Mead
Lee Brewster Bar Services PO Michael Kitchen
Properties Cast & Crew Script Writers
Set Design & Construction Adrian Plumridge Advertising Andy Stancliffe
Jo Walton Colin Salt
Refreshments SULTAN Wives Club ArtworkJanice Steedman

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