2008 Pantomime


The wicked stepmother Queen Cordelia, obsessed with her own vanity, cruelly wants to get rid of Snow White. A lucky encounter with the handsome noble Prince livens up the life of the young Princess before she disappears into the forest. Fortunately, she discovers a cosy little cottage where seven very individual little folk live. Meanwhile, not satisfied that she is no longer the fairest in the land, the Queen casts a deadly spell and, while in disguise, tricks Snow White into eating a poisened apple. Will happiness and peace return, so that Snow White and those dear to her will live a long and happy life?

Cast List

CharacterCast Member
Queen CordeliaPippa Hannaby
Snow WhiteKaty Kelly
LuksieRonnie McKie
JewelKathryn Salt
JamesRalph Dinnick
HattieTracy Tomlin
RolloRandy Vince
Prince FabianJenna Kelway
LinleyJo Tinling
MilesJohn Meenaghan
GilesColin Salt
Old WomanJanice Steedman


Sneezy - Laura Yearly; Bashful - Stuart Thorns; Dopey - Clo-anne Line; Sleepy - Perry Page; Doc - Bradley Page; Happy - Lauren Keep; Grumpy - Ryan Macdonald


Bethany Collins, Mark Collins, Sue Green, Kathryn Hopkins, Jade Longhurst, Rosie McCarthy, Maisie Nicolas, Caroline Rees, Rachael Pickard, Jim Wringe


RoleCrew MemberRoleCrew Member
DirectorJenni CoupeMusical DirectorDave Berry
Script WriterRandy VinceGuitarJohn Legge
Script AdaptionsJenni CoupePercussionDave Berry
Taff WollastonKeyboardRobin Peddell
ChoreographyJenni CoupeBass GuitarHarley Elkins
Lucy HarrisonSet Design & ConstructionSteve Frewer
Jo TinlingPeter Thorns
WardrobeSue WilliamsAsh Biggs
Dawn MorelandSet Painting/ArtworkAlex Richards
Make-UpJenni CollinsKevin Thorns
PropertiesKathryn HarrisonMatthew Thorns
Aimee ReedColin Salt
Harry McCarthyBar ServicesChris Page
Light & SoundFreddy MounseyDawn Moreland
Stage ManagerSteve FrewerTicket SalesChris Notley
Stage CrewPeter ThornsMark Collins
Ash BiggsAdvertisingMark Collins
PyrotechnicsSteve FrewerChris Page
ProducerMark CollinsRehearsal PianistRoly Schofield

Musical Numbers

Song TitleBy / FromSung by...
1Working 9 'til 5by Dolly PartonJewel & Chorus
2Baby - I'm Your Manby WhamFabian, Linley & Chorus
3I'm a Believerby EMF feat. Reevs & MortimerFabian, Linley & Chorus
4Never Fully Dreassed without a Smilefrom AnnieChorus
5Friendshipby Cole PorterMiles & Giles
6I'm with Youby Avril LavigneSnow White
7Hi Hofrom Snow WhiteThe Dwarfs
8Whistle While You Workfrom Snow WhiteSnow White & the Dwarfs
9Don't Stop Me Nowby QueenOld Woman (Wicked Queen)
10Happy Togetherby The TurtlesHattie, James & Chorus
11Animal FairAudience ParticipationMiles & Giles
12Angelby Sarah McLachlanLinley
13Sweet Pantomime(aka: Sweet Caroline)
by Neil Diamond

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