2011 Pantomime


The classic tale of young Jim's search for adventure and treasure. Along the way we meet some notable characters. Long John – who appears to be helpful, but finds ways of putting a spanner in the works. There’s Jims aunt, Polly, who adds her own blend of trouble to the plot. Doc Livalot and Squire Ashgarden try and keep things running smoothly. The hapless pair, Dan and Sam, just do as they’re told, but they too get caught up in all the mischief-making. Captain Smallbit takes them all on his ship, the Hispianola, to the Southern Seas, where we meet Queen Wasesi and her daughter Soesi. And we soon find out there’s much more to this treasure than first meets the eye! All this, plus songs, dances and jokes. ‘Avast there folks come see for ye self’

Cast List

CharacterCast Member
Long John SliverJim Wringe
Jim HawksinStewart Thorns
Polly Pratt Colin Salt
Squire Ashgarden Ralph Dinnick
Doc Livalot Janice Steedman
Sam Tracy Tomlin
DanBradley Page
Captain SmallbitSue Green
Queen WasesiKathryn Salt
Princess SoesiMaisie Nicholas


Jackie Jack, TJ Burke, Perry Page, Maisie Nicholas, Kathryn Salt, Sue Green, Olivia Tranter, Jan Fowles


RoleCrew MemberRoleCrew Member
DirectorRandy VinceStage ManagerJo Blossom
Production TeamAndy StancliffeMusical DirectorRandy Vince
Gemma RadcliffeStage and Technical CrewPeter Thorns
Ralph DinnickKathryn Harrison
ChoreographyJenni CoupeRosie McCarthy
Maisie NicholasMatt Kockaday
Tracy TomlinAimee Reed
Randy VinceTicket SalesSharon Lynam
Colin SaltChris Notley
WardrobeSue WilliamsBar ServicesDawn Moreland
Nicky ThornsPaul Green
Make-upJennie COllinsScript WriterRandy Vince
Chris PageScript AdaptationsJim Wringe
Lighting and SoundSteve Brown Colin Salt
Jason Testa Ralph Dinnick
PropertiesKathryn Harrison AdvertisingAndy Stancliffe
Rosie McCarthy WebsiteColin Salt
Matt Hockaday Colin Salt
Aimee Reed Janice Steedman
Set Design and ConstructionRalph DinnickJo Blossom
Adrian PlumridgeSet Painting and ConstructionCast and Crew

Musical Numbers

Song TitleBy / FromSung by...
1Oom Pah Pahfrom OliverChorus
2Money, Money, MoneyAbbaDame Polly, Jim Hawksin and Chorus
3??Sam and Dan
4Busy Doing Nothing
By Bing Crosby
5Sailing Holiday(a.k.a Summer Holiday)
By Cliff Richard
6Crest of a WaveThe Gang ShowChrous
7I've got the Music in meby Ki Ki DeeCaptain Smallbit and Chorus
8The Bright Side of Life
(audience Participation)
from Monty PythonSam and Dan
9Sorcerer's Apprentice
(UV Scene)
from FantasiaIsland Spirits
10We Go Togetherfrom GreaseChorus

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