2012 Spring Show


Alison Murchinson, fat straight-haired, bespectacled is the last sort of girl one would visualise as a heroine, but Uncle Frank decides to make her one by entering her as a prospective candidate for a Wedding of the Year competition, selecting a designer to create her wedding dress even before he has found her a suitable husband. His eye falls on Walter Thorntonís son, Melvyn, a frustrated inventor and an appallingly clumsy young man. However, the best-laid plans.... Alison ends up a prospective bride, but will it be for Melvyn?

Cast List

CharacterCast Member
Ethel MurchinsonJancie Steedman
Peggy RamskillSue Green
Walter Thornton Martyn Webb
Frank Edwards Randy Vince
Alison Murchinson Kathryn Salt
Honoria Murchinson Jackie Jack
Matilda MurchinsonJo Blossom
Melvyn ThorntonJim Wringe
Harry ElphinstoneColin Salt
Priscilla EdwardsSonja Maughan


RoleCrew MemberRoleCrew Member
DirectorRalph Dinnick Assistant DirectorTracy Tomlin
Stage ManagerKathryn Harrison Ticket Sales Sharon Lynam
PromptSarah Newell AdvertisingAndy Stancliffe
WardrobeSue WilliamsColin Salt
Light and SoundSteve BrownBar ServicesThe Sports Bar
Jason TestaRefreshmentsSultan Wives Club
Make-UpJennie CollinsSet Design & ConstuctionRalph Dinnick
and Tech Crew
Kathryn HarrisonAdrian Plumridge
Rosie McCarthy Production TeamAndy Stancliffe
Harry McCarthy Gemma Radcliffe
ScriptNorman RobbinsRalph Dinnick

Awards Night Results

Doug Craig
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Entries Awards for Sultan Nominations for Sultan
Sultan Wedding of the Year Best Lighting Best Set - Ralph Dinnock & Adrian plumridge
Collingwood Frankenstein Best Supporting Actress - Janice Steedman Best Cameo - Jackie Jack & Jo Blossom
Excellent Drowning on Dry Land Best Supporting Actor -
Colin Salt
Best Supporting Actor -
Jim Wringe
Not Sure
  Best Actress - Kathryn Salt

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